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The Iron Man (trailer)
The Iron Man - The Michael Thatcher Story
The Iron Man is a documentary following Irish artist and poet Michael Thatcher's incredible battle with terminal cancer.
Coming from a family devastated by cancer and frustrated with the pharmaceutical "cancer industry" and their cynical attempts to keep people alive just long enough to bleed them dry, Michael began researching alternative cannabinoid treatments being used to fight and cure cancer to great effect around the world today. His research took him 4,000km to Israel, to The Hebrew University in Jerusalem, to meet and interview world renowned Israeli organic chemist Professor Raphael Mechoulam. Professor Mechoulam was the first scientist to isolate the active ingredient of cannabis, THC, in the 1960's. Mechoulam continues his groundbreaking research and development today, successfully using cannabis oil to treat and cure cancer.
Inspired by the work of Professor Mechoulam, Michael set about growing his own crop of cannabis in his garden shed, which he then distilled into a cannabis oil and began to treat himself...with startling effects.

This incredible journey took Michael Thatcher thousands of miles across the globe with an unbeatable positivity that will touch everyone who spends an hour in his company.

The OFFline Film Festival will be the world premiere of The Iron Man. It has also been chosen to screen in The Belfast Film Festival 2015.

a Rain Chill Production
directed by Nicky Larkin
76 minutes

Beyond The Roundabout? is a film by Irish artist Nicky Larkin exploring the notorious Moyross & Southill estates in Limerick city. Commissioned by The Irish Arts Council and The Belltable Arts Centre and shot over the course of eight months, it merges documentary with experimental film and video-art as it takes us deep inside Ireland’s most neglected estates, areas widely regarded as the worst in the country in terms of poverty, crime and deprivation. The Limerick City Council has decided to completely demolish these areas over the next number of years, and rebuild the troubled estates, in an attempt to wipe the slate clean. However, having been promised new homes as part of the City Council’s regeneration, the residents are becoming frustrated by the lack of action, living in constant fear amid an endless cycle of gangland violence and murder. But can a superficial transformation such as new homes really address such deep-rooted issues of social exclusion in the city?


Running Time: 44 minutes

Screened at The European Media Art Festival 2010
The London East End Film Festival 2010
The Irish Museum of Contemporary Art (July 2010)
The Optica Madrid International Video Art Festival (September 2010)

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