Nickname - The Boss.
Rajesh leads the team of detectives.
Passionate dance lover.
Owns the only gun the team has.
9 years running the show.

The Bengali Detective:

Poisonings, adultery, bridal purity, fraud and the occasional murder - such is the daily work of intrepid Kolkata slum detective Rajesh Bharti.

His clients are rich and poor, from the chaotic slums of Kolkata, the wealthy suburbs, and the mountain villages – all are carrying secrets that reveal the underlying social issues at play in modern India.

This film follows Rajesh and his motley band of ‘specialist boys' as they go on raids and investigations, entering the hidden lives of clients from across the caste system who come to them as a last resort.

Rajesh too has a secret life – when not pursuing cases, he trains his ‘boys’ (who are hopeless dancers) to enter a nationally televised dance contest the dream of winning greater glory for themselves and his work.

A unique mashup of Bollywood dreams and riveting tales of crime and detective work, the film is an entertaining and unforgettable look at modern India.

These short exclusives will take the viewer into one on ones with both the detectives and subjects of the film. Each clip will offer tips into the art of Indian detective work – from surveillance to tailing to secret filming and of course how to make a great chicken Biryani! These Babelgum exclusives will also take the viewer behind the scenes, both into the filming process – as it happens - and social issues such as trafficking, domestic violence and fraud – that are raised in the film.

an independent production of Native Voice Films
in association with Babelgum

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