The pupose of the workshop is to permit the student to integrate elements of Indian dance and contemporary dance. The contemporary dance technique includes the movements of the torso, the hips leg extensions jumps and turns
The indian dance technique puts the accent on the mudras (gestures that include the detailed articulation of the fingers the hands and the arms) and the movements where the dances create rythms with their feet by striking the floor.

The student will develop a sense of precision by working with the mudras. These gestures and positions of the hands combined with the movements of contemporary dance will allow the student to find new ways of co-ordinating movements between those that are precise and delicate and the full body movements of contemporary dance. The rythmical movements will allow the dancer to have a greater sense of rhythm.
A unique section of the class is dedicated to working with the striking of the floor, specifically Indian rythms that do not follow the western musical norms but rather working with 3,5,7 and 9.

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