Clip from the movie Heaven's Doors

Directed by: Swel & Imad Noury
Written by : Swel Noury
Produced by: Pilar Cazorla
Cast: Hakim Noury, Aimee Meditz, Hamidou, Rabie Kati, Latifa Ahrare.

By Deborah Young
Young Spanish Moroccan brothers Swel (27) and Imad (23) Noury make a dazzling feature bow with "Heaven's Doors," the complexly interwoven stories of a young hoodlum, an old con and a American woman living in Casablanca. Produced by the directors' mother Pilar Cazorla, this edgy drama should stir up considerable international interest.

By Peter Brunette
With their powerful debut feature Heavenʼs Doors, twentysomething brothers Swel and Imad Noury demonstrate an abundance of talent. Made on
the proverbial shoestring budget, with mum (Pilar Cazorla) and dad (director Hakim Noury) in one of the key roles. Yet this work from a part of the world seldom seen on screen remains a great calling card for two film-makers who audiences should hear lots from in the

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