A test roll of Kodak's newly-announced Ektachrome 100D.

Shot using a Beaulieu 3008S. Unfortunately, there is some jitter being caused by this camera, and focusing was off as well. All external scenes were manually exposed using a neutral density filter to rate the film at 25 ASA.

The indoor shots were taken with a Canon 310XL, no color correction (80A) filter was used (to take advantage of the 100 ASA rating). Lighting was provided by four 100W fluorescent bulbs each with a 5500 temperature rating, along with a halogen bulb for the background.

In retrospect, I wish I had used my Canon 814 Auto Zoom Electronic, but it's in the shop. I think the camera's built in auto exposure would have done a better job at averaging each scene's exposure than I did. I exposed it by selecting the brightest point, then a mid-range value, but I think this system, while ensuring no blown highlights, left the blacks "in the dark" so to speak.

Apologies for the not-so-stellar telecine. I am having major equipment issues, which is another way of saying I need an upgrade!

More testing to follow this weekend in NYC (sans Beaulieu).

Processed by PAC Lab, NYC.
DIY Telecine

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