[Includes audio.]
The remastered "Dream of the Black Crabs" video, a short that is part of a series of experiments titled "fleetinghosts" by Louisiana intermedia theatre artist Amy Woodruff. "fleetinghosts" is about nightmares and the measures we take to escape from them. This video short is a kind of prequel to her video short / performance composition / narrative experiment titled "Kassandra."

Included in this installment is a description one of the many dreams that she has had that inspired the fleetinghosts series, as well as the redesigned harness from which the fabric forest is suspended (a success!). It was also a chance for Woodruff to experiment with video projection upon the forest surface for the first time, for which she used sections of the original fleetinghosts video.

She is exploring this ongoing project as a live performance installation. Wanted to use music during the wordless second half, but couldn't find a clip that YouTube would permit (copyrights and what-what) so she ended up just re-using the sound fx clips from the original "fleetinghosts." Filmed with a Canon A570is camera on 5-19-09, and edited in Windows Movie Maker. Remastered in New Orleans, Louisiana 09-09-09.

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