30secs tut was a tough task, I did my best.
Made this light just a day before the Weekend project was announced.

List of parts:
-8$ camping light, really useless at camping though
-Socket, plug, wires, button = 2$
-Steel wire, glue =1$
-Battery compartment + batteries = 4$
-Broken mic stand = ?

You can get it all at the electronics and hardware stores.

What I didn't mention is that I reversed all the LED's to make them light inwards not outwards like it was designed.

15$ oncamera light is awesome! You can also buy tissue (or take some from any shop) and make a great diffusor out of it and some ducktape.

Steel wire spring jams light plate to the camera, I made it for my Canon HG20 and it may need some modifications for other cameras. WD-37II, wide-angle adaptor provides additional hold for the light.

Next step is building 100% original OCL with superbright LEDs, current stabilizer and convinient mount. Gonna make a full-time tut on it.

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