True Player and Destroy She Says live at the Myfest stage of the classy SO36! The audio has a delay. This sux big time. Can´t squeeze more out of my shitty cell phone....Well, better than nothing. Right?
Get ZOE.LEELAs debut album for free at REC72.NET - The netlabel with heart! And download ZOE.LEELAs mono single U:G:L:Y for free at the same spot, REC72.NET!

A warm hug to The SKYWAXSOUNDSYSTEM, Mone, Iren, Chris and the team of the SO36, The Cafe Aurora, Gesche and stuff, Simon and his International Love Cooperation, you guys rock and the Durags of course! "Retrocool in Mitte" and all you cool peeps out there who saw me and talked to me at the Myfest 2010!!!
The SaltnPeppa
ZOE.LEELA and Crew
and thanks to Daniel Seiffert for the live image. We used for the SO36 Flyer.

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