I have been visiting greyscalegorilla.com and watching Nick's tutorials on C4D and After Effects. I noticed his latest challenge to create a 5 second animation using only lines. I took this mean any straight edge object was valid.

I used Blender to create the center piece of the animation. I used a simple cube, all straight lines there, and added an array modifier. I applied the array modifier and separated all loose parts to make each cube in the array it's own object. I did this so I could apply a material to each cube. I pulled down the icon for greyscalegorilla and stretched it out real big until it pixelated. I used this as a background image in the Blender viewport and picked the colors from the icon and applied them to each of the cubes in the array to match the logo layout. I threw away all the cubes that were considered the edge pixels to complete the GSG icon shape.

For animation, I used an old school animation offset feature, that is no longer available in Blender 2.5 (why?). Basically this allows you to control all animation from one keyframe curve, or IPO as Blender calls it. The cubes are automatically sorted from top to bottom in z-space by this feature. The offset is applied automatically to the original source IPO. This causes all cubes to move the same way, but in a delayed fashion. You can achieve Mograph like effects using this depreciated feature.

I tracked the camera to the moving cubes and placed a spotlight behind the cube array so it would shine through the gaps. I enabled the HALO feature of the spotlight to produce the beams. The rest of the video is just a wiggling grid effect on a couple of solids in After Effects.

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