"Would you like to swim in Umgedrehte Kommode?" is an architectural projection, which was realized on the historical water tank “Umgedrehte Kommode” (Upside Down Commode) in Bremen, Germany on 10th of April 2010. The project is a design application for my master thesis topic, “Lumentektur in Urban Space”.
The water tank, situated in the heart of Bremen, is a historical landmark. Though its perfect location inside a modern city, presently, the building is not making any use of its appealing aesthetic value. The expression “Umgedrehte Kommode” which gave its appellation, though, shows the level of affection in public space. In this project, citizens of Bremen was approached for a social contribution by the slogan; “Would you like to swim in Umgedrehte Kommode?”. Each performance was recorded as a video-image. After the editing process, moving images were projected onto the windows of “Umgedrehte Kommode” as a one-night event on 10th of April in 2010.

Concept and Production: Nagehan Kurali
Technical Support: Urbanscreen
Communication Partner: ZZZ-ZwischenZeitZentrale

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