We wanted to continue the story that the first chapters set up but take it further into the plot and give some depth of character. The first three chapters gave us a lot of ideas where it might go and a glimpse into the cabbie as a person, but we wanted to see him start to realize he was into something he didn’t understand. And most of all we wanted to introduce a villain and establish the cabbie as a potential hero down the road while throwing in a wild card to boot.

We tried to keep the style simple and deliberate, continuing the eeriness of the story set forth while experimenting with the 5D, shooting in near dark conditions and using contrasty day shots.

James Adamson adventurerefugee.com
Jesse Lichtenstein

Written by Jesse Lichtenstein

DP/Editor James Adamson

Justin Morgan
Thomas Lazur
Henry Clark
Lennon Bergland
And Jesse Lichtenstein

Gaffer Lee Eisenhower

Sound Nixon Little

Music by Jesse Lichtenstein

This video was shot with the 5D Mll and a series of prime lenses. We used Zeiss primes and a canon macro lens.


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