Quite simply, my team and I are casting for a musical webseries, and we're looking everywhere we can. If you know someone who may be right for this, please share this page or the video with them. Help us get the word out. If you think you're right for this, please let us see what you can do. If you're a musician with little acting experience, that's okay at this point... we're open to seeing what you can do never the less. The music in this series will be critical to its success, so that's where we're starting. Cool?


ROLE 1 - Female, 16 years old (casting performers 18 years or older to play 16) very pretty, California girl born and bred. AUDITION REQUIREMENTS: Must sing indie rock, indie pop, or folk style.

ROLE 2 - Male, 18 years old (casting performers 18 years or older to play 18) good looking in an edgy, off beat way, he is the front man of the band. AUDITION REQUIREMENTS: accomplished Lead or Bass Guitar playing AND indie rock, indie pop, folk style singing.

ROLE 3 - Female, 17 years old (casting performers 18 years or older to play 17) the only girl in the band, a tomboy whose gruff manner and boyish dress accents an edgy off-beat beauty. AUDITION REQUIREMENTS: accomplished Lead or Bass Guitar playing AND indie rock, indie pop, or folk style singing.

ROLE 4 - Male, 17 years old (casting performers 18 years or older to play 17) a humorous and talented youth, a techno whiz who works on the band's distinct sound. AUDITION REQUIREMENTS: accomplished Keyboard (or Laptop as live instrument) playing AND indie pop, indie rock, or folk style singing.

ROLE 5 - Male, 16 years old (casting performers 18 years or older to play 16) a self effacing youth who seldom speaks, and has a tendency to fade into the background. AUDITION REQUIREMENTS: accomplished Drumming AND indie pop, indie rock, or folk style singing.

INDIE ROCK - I realize that the term indie rock means different things to different people. Terms like indie rock, indie pop, college radio, local bands, are really just the best way for me to describe music produced with an independent spirit... outside of the mainstream... usually with foundations in rock and roll or pop. But I'm very open to hearing what that word means to you. If you'd like to know what it means to me, check out my blip stream at:


There is one way and only one way to submit an audition: EMAIL. Anyone interested must send their audition by email to:

The email shall include:

1.) (REQUIRED) the Role or Roles that you would like to be considered for.

2.) (REQUIRED) confirmation that you are 18 years or older or will be by July 1st.

3.) (REQUIRED) confirmation that you are authorized to work in the US.

4.) (REQUIRED) confirmation that you can be in Los Angeles starting June 1st through July 15th and that you will be able to handle your own accommodations.

5.) (REQUIRED) An audition video of you performing the AUDITION REQUIREMENTS listed above for the Role(s) you would like to be considered for... e.g. if the requirement says "accomplished Lead or Bass Guitar playing AND indie rock, indie pop, or folk singing" then we must see a video of you singing in one of those three styles AND playing EITHER Guitar or Bass Guitar... It can be two separate videos, or it can be incorporated into one. It can be a new video(s) created especially for this audition, or a preexisting video(s) that fulfills the stated requirements. Please be aware that we will only be listening to the first 45 seconds of you performing the stated requirements. If you submit separate videos for each requirement we may only listen to the first 20-25 seconds of each. So make those first 45 seconds count.

6.) (REQUIRED) The video can either be included as an attachment in MOV, MP4, or WMV... or preferably as a link in the email to a video hosting community or service such as Vimeo, YouTube, Brightcove, etc. If the video is broken, corrupt or in a file format we cannot read... or if the link is broken or doesn't play, the speedy nature of our process will simply have us move on.

7.) (REQUIRED) A short paragraph telling us a little bit about yourself. Whatever you'd like to say (music taste, hobbies, anything really... we just want to get a sense for you.) If you prefer, you may include this in your video as long as you think you can fit it in in the first 45 seconds with the AUDITION REQUIREMENTS.

8.) (OPTIONAL) Any other form of contact information other than the email address you'll be sending it from that we can use to get in touch with you if we need to (phone, twitter, etc). While optional, understand that the more ways we can get in touch with you, the faster we can do so.

Please do not submit an audition if you cannot fulfill all of the REQUIRED points above. I know it's tempting to want to send something anyway thinking, "I know I can't totally fulfill all of those requirements, but the ones I do, I do so well that maybe they'll bend their rules for me." We won't... and on top of that it will have slowed down our process. So please help us with this.

Do not use this email to ask any questions about the project or to send anything except an audition for one of the five roles listed above. That includes the status of the audition itself.

If we like you, we will contact you via the email you sent to us or through one of the other forms of contact you included in the email so that we can set up a way to hear you read some of the dialog from the script.

I'm very easy to find on social media, and I'm very open to answering questions. So if you have questions/comments/suggestions go to this link and friend me at any or all of the social networks listed. It's the easiest way to get in touch with me lickity split. Ask any questions or send any materials not relevant to this particular casting process through one of those channels. Please.

I know I have a lot of friends on here from outside the US. Unfortunately, even if you can do a convincing American accent (which would be mandatory), lack of work permits will prevent you from being part of this project. Sorry guys.

And last but not least, be assured that none of the videos being sent to us will be shared with anyone outside our production team. Using Social Media for this process is exciting to us, but we're taking everyone's privacy very seriously. In no way is this going to be an audition show. This approach is very new to my team and my casting director... I've pushed hard for it, because I believe in it. But I need to prove to them that this process can have the same degree of professionalism and order that comes with traditional hollywood casting.

Oh and... thanks for your help!

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