The Aureality installation consists of 3072 separate segments shining in different colours. They react in intensity and colour to influences of their surroundings.

By watching this installation you become part of its surrounding and begin to have an influence on what happens. From time to time you see the invitation: “Come Close, Get in Touch”. If you then step nearer to the object and touch the surface you will start a playful interaction of alternating visualisations. When you go away you will leave a trace that remains visible for some time. This trace shows the movements you have performed on the object´s surface and the colours are inspired by the values the installation has taken from the environment.

A fundamental part of this installation is that coincidental influences of the environment are included. The seemingly coincidental appearances are no calculated coincidences. They are real. They are a true reflection of how nature is at work in the surroundings of the installation. Like this fluctuations become visible which are the essential elements of the universe and also have given shape to our world. The visualisation of these fluctuations makes this installation to a “living” work of art and in this respect it is unique.

SENSAVO Technologies

Video by kumquat

Music: Soundprank - Too Quiet

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