Maximizing Design and Innovation by Keeping a Pulse on Multicultural Audiences

The high growth of the multicultural population in the U.S. is a mandate for all product developers and designers. Innovations need to appeal to multicultural consumers in order to ensure marketplace success. In addition, many of these consumers are introducing indigenous products from their home countries, providing new innovation ideas and challenges for designers and their clients.

Miguel Gomez Winebrenner from the innovation consulting firm Cheskin Added Value will provide a nuanced and detailed overview of the multicultural market in the U.S. He will showcase examples of how cultural sensitivity or the lack thereof can influence innovation outcomes, and he’ll highlight a number of indigenous products that are having an impact in the U.S. Lastly, Miguel will guide the audience through a discussion of cultural values and design research approaches toward a goal of greater cultural competence and multicultural design sensitivity.


Growing up in Bogotá Colombia and living in the U.S. since 1993, Gomez Winebrenner walks in two cultures simultaneously. An economist, analyst, researcher, marketer, and media expert, Miguel helps organizations to cut through cultural biases, outdated belief systems, and multicultural miscommunications to understand and effectively meet the challenge of doing business in US Latino and Latin American markets.

As a consultant at Cheskin, Gomez Winebrenner guides clients in achieving a new and nuanced understanding of Hispanic and multicultural market innovation opportunities and is also a lead early thinker in the area of Hispanics and sustainability.

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