One Day's Wages is a new movement of people, stories, and actions to alleviate extreme global poverty. ODW is you, me, us, them: giving, dreaming, and working together.

We might not be rock stars, billionaires, or famous movie stars, but we want to remind everyone that they can make a dramatic and global impact - even by donating their "one day's wages" - which is approximately 0.4% of one's annual salary.

Visit our website to learn how you can start your own personal campaign via Birthday, Work, and Idea for a cause.

Here's our pledge:
1) 100% of your donations (minus transaction costs) go directly to projects.
2) You decide and choose where to invest your donations and campaigns.
3) Complete transparency.

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Video Shoot:
Video Edit & Creation: Justin Pae
Music: Bryan Choi

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