Alright friends and fans, 2011 is almost upon us and so too is the second season of The Creative Lives. To celebrate the new year and the new season we have decided to give away a beautiful Kelsey Brookes print to the first person to correctly guess the artists featured in this short teaser trailer for Season 2. Here’s how it works:

Watch the trailer below, you will see two shots of each artists’ hands as they create, also you will hear sound bites of people we interviewed last season for the show. The first person to email with all the names of the artists featured in all soundbites and all video clips (hint there are 11 artists soundbites, and 10 artists hands featured) will win this incredible Pictures on Walls Print by Kelsey Brookes, valued at over $300.

If no one has a perfect score by Jan 10th 2011 we will award the print to the contestant who has the most correct answers. On Jan 17th 2011 we will announce the winner and premiere a proper trailer for our exciting new season. Thanks so much for an incredible year, I’m looking forward to sharing some beautiful footage with you all starting next spring,

- G. Lewis Heslet

We have a winner! Thanks to everybody from across the US and across the world. No one got a perfect score, but Tristan Rault from Buenos Aires, Argentina had the most and has won the Kelsey Brookes print.

Here are the answers:

Artists Hands Featured (in order they appear): Thomas Campbell, RETNA (Marquis Lewis), Taylor McKimens, Mike Giant, Andrew Schoultz, Cleon Peterson, Ferris Plock, KILL PIXIE (Mark Whalen), The Date Farmers, Richard Colman.

Artists Voices Featured (in order the appear): FUTURA, Mark Dean Veca, Megan Whitmarsh, Jo Jackson, REVOK, Jim Morphesis, Kelsey Brookes, Mr. Brainwash, SABER, Chris Johanson, Jeremy Fish.

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