A sixteen-foot-wide display of shifting color dynamically reacts to individuals entering this exhibition, activating illuminating light that reveals the origins of American democracy in images and animations.

The Creating the United States exhibition shows the iterative, creative processes that defined the origins of the United States. Introducing visitors to this forge of ideas, the Overture tells a story of creative struggle that is revealed as visitors approach the installation. Historical video, images, and animated words come to the fore as light fills portions of the 16-foot display in relation to visitor movement and proximity to the Overture. This poetic approach to the exhibition’s curatorial goals engages individual and group curiosity, prompting visitors to reflect on the ideas, imagination, and persons that played critical roles in the creation of a self-governing United States of America.

For complete project credits visit: secondstory.com/portfolio/works/creating-the-u-s-overture

Library of Congress

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