Written by - Travis DeStein
Directed by - Dustin Pegg
Director Of Photography - Christian Simpson
Produced by - Down Home Films
Starring - Tim McLoughlin, Jason Smith, Vanessa Ore, and introducing Kameron Snyder
Trailer Music - "Night Creeper" by The Blackwater Fever

Here is the trailer for my new short film called "A Narrative." We shot on the 7D and an HVX with red rock adapter. The cast was great and the crew was great. It was a 4 day shoot spread out over a freaking YEAR! (hahahahahaha). I hope to have the film cut here in the next couple of weeks. Thanks to everyone involved and hanging in there with me to finish it. Especially Tim for his commitment. And we apologize to Jason for the punch in the face. Special thanks to Ashley Manning because she is awesome. And Anthony Fedele, you are the man! And Thank you, thank you, thank you to Vanessa and Kameron the two lovely ladies in the film.

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