The city district Amsterdam Osdorp merged with Slotervaart and Geuzenveld-Slotermeer and was given the name Amsterdam Nieuw-West. This change meant the end of 20 years of restructuring urbanized areas.

A book was published, which provides an overview of the architectural highlights. We were asked to create a film featuring the buildings we find most characteristic. We chose to put emphasis on the architects of the buildings and especially its inhabitants and surroundings. We decided to combine live-action video with 2D and 3D animation. This allowed us to complement reality with our interpretation of the most important factors of restructuring urbanized areas.

Designed, directed and produced by PlusOne.

Client: Amsterdam Osdorp
Direction: Martijn Hogenkamp
Production: Marcel Vrieswijk
D.O.P.: Bob Joosten (indoor), Martijn Hogenkamp (outdoor)
Actors: Latifa, Ger & Hennie, Ibrahim
3D-Modeling/Animation/Tracking: Tim van der Wiel, Elias Widerdal
Rotoscoping: Marcel Vrieswijk, Elias Widerdal
Compositing/Editing/Grading: Martijn Hogenkamp
Music: Bas "Inf" te Braak
Sound Design: Matthias Kiewiet
Client: Doreen van ‘t Spijker, Jose van der Loos, Ruud Huiberts

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