paris, charonne, may 2006

images & edit by vincent moon
sounds by chryde
produced by chryde for la blogotheque,2004

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part 4 _

Avec quatre garçons, la caméra a beaucoup plus de visages à se mettre sous la dent. Et les voix, dans la rue, s’enchaînent, s’amusent, s’harmonisent. Avec les Grizzly Bear, nous avons pris notre pied comme rarement. Et ça s’entend.


We already had shot three videos with the four guys from Grizzly Bear. One where we locked them in a small bathroom, one where we put them at every corner of a room (a guitar on the bed, some drums on the carpet, one voice near the shelves), one last where we recorded a song in an old and tiny elevator, with Daniel singing while we were going up, and down, and up, and down... We already had shot three videos, but we wanted more.

Because they were so nice and fun, because those were so beautiful moments... But they had to go to the restaurant, and couldn’t bring any instrument with them. They went in the street as tourists, and we followed them.

At the first corner, Chris came to us and asked us if they could veto what they were going to sing. An a cappella version of The Knife, one of the songs from their new album. We were ready to take the risk. And we’re still glad we did : they singed it as a wap-doo-wap song. And we shot them while walking, and we smiled like idiots because it was a magical moment. In Paris, at sunset.

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