Everything Together
An installation of sound and images by Thomas Haywood

“We were all going to move forward together, everything could change, and everything was going to be much better. We were going to rebuild this Britain, and the old order was going to be broken. In this country, it would never be the same again.”

Emerging from the destruction of post war England, there was a chance to begin again. The Golden Lane Estate marked a highpoint for the promise of a new society. A new generation of architects, inspired by the Modern Movement, had the opportunity to put their ideas into practice. Weaving together personal recollections of a generation, the work recreates a moment in time, full of conviction, and belief in the possibilities of a brave new world.

Thomas Haywood’s new work reflects his interest in the relationship between people and place, and a particular moment in time. Working with images and fragments of conversations, the viewer is invited into the thoughts and reflections of a generation, and the complex relationship between ideals and their realization. Rather than documenting the locale of the estate itself, the installation recreates the thinking that nurtured the ideas and design behind the estate.

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