Project Name: In-Game Narrative Cinematics for "Dante's Inferno"
Debut Date: Game released Feb. 8

Client: Electronic Arts / Visceral Games

Production Company: Perspective Studios
Executive Producer: Melissa Johnson

Creative Director: Nathan Love
Producer: Derrick Huang
Concept Art & Storyboards: Morgan Schweitzer
Designer/Illustrator: Brad Johansen

Director: Hopr
Editor: Makoto Sato
Lead Illustrator: Byron Gray
Lead Concept Artist: Eric Huang

Animation Studio: Augenblick Studios
Producer: Aaron Augenblick
Animation Director: Kristofer Wollinger
Layout: Hal Lee, Aleth Romanillos, Alex Wager
Animation: Jake Armstrong, Chet Knebel
FX and Compositing: Chris Carboni
Business Manager: John Vazzana
Animation Interns: Barbara Benas, Peyton Harrison, Heather Kahn, Brian Kaufman, Giorgio Renna, Mikhail Shraga, Rebecca Sugar, Katie Wendt

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