This project was completed while I was working for and is copyright Studio 7 Productions in Fargo, ND.

The Project Brief

To bring the Fargo Force "be a fan" brand to life for use on the fascia video ring inside of the bowl of the arena.

What I Did

As you can see in the video I actually was the silhouette for this particular fan. I crudely set up lights in front of a green screen and captured some footage of myself. There was no need for it to be really crisp, I just need the action.

I used the footage and After Effects Key Light 1.2 to extract myself from the background. I proceeded to do some of the other people in the office and composited us all together to create the fascia video that is used to welcome players and fans to pump them up!


This was a fun project. I was able to use my lighting and planning skills to create a brand that would come to life in front of the viewer.

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