Directed by Alex Popov
Cinematography by Jamie J.T. Trent

AVP:Redemption fan film is for the purpose of entertaining the fans of both , Alien and Predator franchises, and also to share Alex's vision of what Alien VS Predator film should be. The total budget for this film was about $500 and over 2 years of his free time :)
It took so long cause it was mainly a one man project.
Alex did directing, Editing, VFX compositing, sound design.
Special thanks to "Swidhelm" for Alien 3D models, "ID Software" for Doom 3 and "Thearrel 'Kiltron' McKiney" for the level designs that I used for some environments for AVPRD, also sound engeneers fron "Valve" for awesome HL2 sound FX that also were used in post-production and all the friends that let Alex boss them around during filming, because we all know that Predator costume was VERY HOT to wear. :)
So we hope you all enjoyed it.

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