BLVD was a project completed by five graduate students in CCA's MBA in Design Strategy program. The concept rewards real-world behavior related to one's carbon footprint with in-game success. See below for synopsis.
In our daily lives we are surrounded by data, much of which we create ourselves. GPS chips in our mobile devices, purchase records from credit card use, transit payments with RFID, and more all add up to paint a picture of our daily lives. But for the most part we do not have access to this data—even though we create it, we are not able to use it to our advantage.

At the same time, there is a growing awareness around how our movements and behaviors impact our personal carbon impact. We are beginning to realize that the actions we take on a daily basis have a cumulative impact on the health of our environment. But along with this awareness comes confusion about what steps we can take to change our behavior.

How might we access our personal data in a way that helps us change behaviors that impact to our carbon footprint? How might we do this in a fun, engaging way?

BLVD is our answer to these questions. Simply put, it is an online social network game that gives people access to their carbon data, and provides incentives to change their behavior, with the overall goal of reducing carbon output.

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