Getting the inspiration to fly right "out of the blue" turned into a Discovery Flight where I discovered I was passionate about flying. This student project "narrative" video was done at Kauai Community College in the Digital Storytelling class. This was my first video done in that class.

Thank you to Peter Paul and Mary for use of their background and inspirational song "If I Had Wings". Thank you to all the unnamed photographers and photos I used to make this student work. Thank you "Camera" Koohan Paik, my digital teacher - for inspiration, education, patience as I pushed my way through loosing and finding my clips in Final Cut Pro. Thank you Professor Paul Hemmerla for introducing me to video in the first place and thank you Kauai Community College for getting these awesome iMac computers!!

While the pixel quality may not be there, the spirit of flight and creativity is. Enjoy my discovery flight that heralded many years of passionate flying and discovering more about myself through the experience.

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