Deception & A Bullet follows Dominic, one of the deadliest assassins in the world. Dominic's flawless record comes from his trustworthiness to complete any job, untraceable methods, and most importantly, his ability to silence any emotion that triggers the desire to take vengeance.

Dominic's most difficult job comes when he discovers that Tracy, the only person Dominic has felt any connection to, is dead. Now Dominic's impeccable skills, are tested when he finds himself unable to silence the emotions that are triggering his hunger for revenge.

Starring Ryan Stickley, Adrainna Diaz-Chapa, Gary Kauffman, Juanale Bentley, Charlie Baffi & Christina V. George

TRT 35:00 (Short film)

Written, Directed & Produced By Christopher A. George
Executive Produced by Eddie Galvan
Cinematography & Edited by Christopher A. George
Visual Effects Artist - Cole Jennerson
Musical Score by Maq Mozart & Briane Jones

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