Test Cycle 21
Experimental short
720p, 5'10''

This film shows the development process of "Behaviouristic Instruments": a series of performative music instruments which pick up intrinsic body states such as anciety, happiness and laughter. The short exemplifies the fate of the 21st test subject who volunteered to play a guinea pig for the quality tests within the laboratories of "Behaviouristics Ltd.".

An abstract dispute with the aesthetics and epistemologies of science, laboratory and interface culture. In collaboration with Ludwig Zeller and Charlotte Jarvis.

Direction: Steffen Fiedler & Ludwig Zeller
Scientist: Leslie Csuth
Test Subject: Kevin Grennan
Camera: Ludwig Zeller
Assistance: Laurentia Genske
Editing: Steffen Fiedler
Sound Recording: Jonas Loh
Sound Design: Ludwig Zeller

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