Plus and Minus is a screen based interactive data visualization and modeling that shows the progress of HIV/AIDS in the last 20 years, and allows the user to see how changes they make can affect the future.

“Plus and Minus” represents my frustrations of seeing many countries disintegrate because of the uneven distribution of resources, political fragility and misinformation.

Plus and Minus criticizes how we have become numb to AIDS deaths from Africa, in part because these deaths are not happening in the wealthier countries. Each AIDS death is one more that could be prevented.

I believe interactive screen pieces, such as “plus and minus” could invite the users to think about the importance of seeing the world as a one identity.

AIDS kills millions each year and sets back progress in developing countries. It is a problem too big to be ignored and there is still much awareness that needs to be created.

The user will see the data run from 1990 through 2007 and has the opportunity to take money from a virtual bank that has investments. The user can then choose from different solutions like condoms, HIV screenings and education to emphasize where funding will go.

This visualization is adaptable for the web as well as museums with interactive displays.

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