Sou Fujimoto Architects was founded by Sou Fujimoto in 2000.

Sou Fujimoto: This is Tokyo nature and Tokyo architecture. Tokyo nature, Tokyo architecture and Tokyo sky.

My practice is based in Tokyo and the staff is sixteen and ten more interns, so around thirty people are working in my office. I like to have a good collaboration with staff so the office is a good workshop to create new architecture. In the process of studying architecture, I discovered Japanese tradition is really important for me. Not just following Japanese culture but to find and discover something new.

My principle of architecture is of course based on the simplicity of Japanese culture but at the same time I like to create something very complex. It’s kind of a good combination of nature and artificial things together because nature is really complex and artificial things are based on simplicity so I like to create something very complex in an artificial way.

My site is in front of the architecture gallery. The theme is inside and outside and they are really exciting key words for me. I proposed a transparent tree shape but the tree is not a tree but a void of tree. A long time ago of course and in the future, a tree is one of the best expressions for people to create something.

The concept is a very clear transparent tree shape and inside outside shape but how to realize is a very big problem because transparent tree shapes are very complex things.

In the process of the realisation we changed the materials, the structures, with a combination of the triangular shape of the plexi-glass to make it more abstract, but at the same time, like a real tree.

One of the most difficult things is to create this 3D model. Another thing is to assemble them together like a puzzle.

It's more and more like outside and inside are melting together. We cannot say which is outside and which is inside. We've got a nice combination of laser card, plexi glass combined by this handcraft method. It's a really, really primitive, simple way to tie things.

This space, this whole thing is kind of a huge power itself. We selected to make a good contrast with the rest of the space because most of the space is covered by stones, so we used more contemporary materials and more transparent things. It could be a good contrast, but I hope good harmony.

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