The challenge was to bring to life ADCC’s “Book of Ideation”: a gorgeous hardcover book of award winners whose woodcut illustrations and mock leather binding could easily be mistaken for a dusty Masonic text or occultish Book of Runes.

The thematic focus was to be the “birth of an idea,” represented by cosmic symbols such as the planets, stars and sun as well as earthly elements like rain, seeds and plants. The atmosphere was to be pagan, carnivalesque and mysterious, something enhanced by the somber, minor key piano and strings used for the soundtrack.

To create the look, we literally lifted and tore graphic elements from the original print material and then animated them using a variety of traditional and digital media techniques that blend together seamlessly. In one sequence, cryptic text turns to dripping ink then splashes to earth, giving bloom to torn-edged flowers that unfurl in a mock time-lapse.

Dust and scratches were added to the muted, sepia-toned palette to round out the piece’s lush, old-world feel.

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