Alphalfa vs Cactus Compost Race

A previous aid project had taught the villagers to grow alphalfa or lucerne, then to cut that crop down to make compost which would then be used to grow animal fodder crops.

Lucerne, however, is already a perfect fodder for animals... so a 'compost race' was designed to illustrate the point further: why use high-quality materials to make your compost when locally available waste product (such as prickly pear cactus) is available in abundance and can be used?

In this way, a communities energy is cycled and used more efficiently and effectively - a good example of why appropriate and replicable technologies are crucial to Sustainable Aid.

*recorded from Rick's 'Sustainable Aid' lecture during March 2010 Permaculture Design Course in Leongatha South.
** features original footage from Overseas Aid trip to Mexico 1998.
*** the music you hear was recorded on that trip and is the sound of the villagers singing and working together as they put the principles they are learning into immediate action.

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