mar.core - Aiòn#oo1- an audio visual performance with spacialized sound in dolby surround 5.1 including binaural beats frequencies - dedicated to sven nykvist and ingmar bergman

s2046events project - stella sollai

Aiòn#oo1 TOUR REPORT 2oo6_2oo8
Since the first national premiere at TimeZones Festival in Bari, Aiòn#oo1 has received a remarkably positive feedback both by the critics and the public. The extraordinary atmosphere that the performance succeeds to create pushes every time the audience to a border-area between music and images. Aiòn#oo1 induces a perception that leads to the extreme limits of a multi-sensorial synesthetic process. "... the evening starts with the rather valuable results obtained by the artist _mar.core (aka Marco Rocca) with his performance Aiòn#oo1. The composer has succeeded in the intent to warm up the heart of the public reinterpreting the cinema of the Swedish master with absolute and sensitive ability, reaching moments of intense emotional and musical sincerity. The abstract of the project is a refined research, based on the administration of binaural beat frequencies that, imperceptibly through time-/rhythm allow the brain to reconstruct a subjective perception of the sound.The effect, on me and on the auditory yesterday, was that of a personal and psychedelic journey in a suspended atmosphere, absorbed and oblivious of anything else.
(Bari - Mario Bucci)
Thanks to the collaboration and the share of institutional and cultural organizations (among which: Embassy of Sweden, Nordic Council of Minister, Uksus, ICC, Region Sardinia, Embassy of Italy, Bergmanvekan), the performance Aiòn#oo1, during two following tours (2oo6-2oo7 and 2oo7-2oo8) touched many European capitals in the occasion of music and cinema festivals, and in festivals dedicated to the research on digital art. From the retrospective Sievietes Ingmara Bergmana filmas (women in the cinema of Bergman), to the festival of music and experimental cinematography Skanu Mežs Sound Forest taking place in Riga_Latvija. From the presentation at Italian Cultural Institute in Copenhagen_Denmark and in Oslo_Norway, to the Scandinavian premiere represented in Stockholm_Sweden. (scandinavian tour 2oo8). At the end of the performance Bibi Andersson commented: "I have to say that in the beginning I couldn't understand the reason for taking some films and reassemble them to create something completely different. But then I have been captivated by the performance: slowly, it became more and more exciting and stimulating, and in the end it seduced me. Im smitten with this work and I want to thank _mar.core for creating it." The Svenska Dagbladet titles: "The world of Ingmar Bergman and Sven Nykvist through the amazing and fascinating vision of an Italian". Beside, a photo that portrays _mar.core with a hand partially covering his face and Ingmar Bergman with two white angel wings. "...The preliminary phases of the research that contributed to the realization of Aiòn, which were focused on the induction of a deep emotional flow,
led me to consider that every musical composition contains a series of cultural references that somehow direct and limit it at the same time. After a first approach of subtraction and re-contextualization of the audio samples, it seemed to me that the use of the BBF (binaural beat frequencies), besides their intrinsic abilities of perceptive induction also offered the possibility to get rid of the last cultural element: the recognizability of the musical instruments. Using a similar process in editing the video that I wanted to go with the performance, I realized that the evocative strength of the images of Nykvist-Bergman was unchanged, independently from the re-contextualization process. The images, although still referable to the original context, set free from the narrative necessity acquired a deeper evocative universality..."
(Svenska Dagbladet)

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