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This screencast was made at the the request of and shows how to chain 3L Sliders together and how to mix the two signals together. This is a unique feature of 3L which is common in audio programs, but which is not currently offered by any other visualist software for either the mac or the pc.

This screencast also shows how to smooth the oscillating value of a 3L Slider. By combining generated values with each other and with individual smoothing on each value, the user can endlessly GENERATE unique values which are exactly in the USER's timing sensitivity, and not LOCKED to the clock.

This processs can be used on every 3L slider or 3L button which has automation, and the chain can be endless.... you can start with one slider generating a value, and send that signal to a second slider which is generating a SEDOND value, and MIX THE TWO SIGNALS together, then send that MIXED VALUE to a third slider which is generating a THIRD value, and then mix the signal of the secon mixed value with the third slider's value, and so on down the line until you have as many sliders as you can chain together based on the capabilites of your hardware.

This is the most ITERATIVE and REITERATIVE feature of any visualist software available as a stand-alone application which is not a patch or a sketch. It's what we call "going down the rabbit hole"

Here"s what has to say about the program quoted from the vidvox forums:

"It is a complete different genre to VDMX. It is a generator, where as VDMX is a controller. It is similar to VDMX in that it is very, very (very) deep. You can link stuff to stuff, and then link more stuff to more stuff. And then link that to even more stuff. It is really really deep... it can load movies and stuff, but ultimately, it seems to be a visual generator (and a pretty darn cool one too!)."

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