“Marvel” from Solillaquists of Sound’s latest release No More Heroes (Anti-/Epitaph Records), is the first of a 3-part music video series shot by fellow Orlando MC/producer and first time director, X:144.

This series of videos is set to mirror the group’s collection of three conceptually linked albums called ‘The Listener’s Trilogy’. This first video, much like the first album of the trilogy, As if We Existed, introduces the story’s characters to the audience.

The next video will follow the action-packed dynamic of No More Heroes. The story will unfold over the next couple of months with the release of the next two videos and provide a bridge to the final album of the trilogy.

video edited, directed & cinematography by X:144 (Maged Khalil Ragab) on NO budget.. not one penny!

Shot with a Canon 7D

more info & lyrics at solilla.com

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