Strictly Business: The Prologue is a short movie I made in 2008. along my side including the cast, close friends and family was Antonio M. Garcia and Kevin Fowler. Together and without money we set out to PRACTICE the art of movie making by taking an original script and diving into the soul of cinema cliche's and genre's.
When we resurfaced, we were forever changed. Not in the business sense, I never saw a dime nor did I charge an audience when premiered in Nov. 2008. We were only educated.
With the help of my favorite music artist,
TV on the Radio, Beck, Domino, The Roots, The Notorious BIG, Micheal Jackson, System of a Down and Radiohead, I was able to tell a story in an extremely rich way.
This movie was never submitted to film festivals nor was it ever purchased and distributed by a major studio. It was made to share my first cinematic experience with those close to me.
Before it becomes illegal, I want to invite you one last time to view Strictly Bizz online before It's kept somewhere on a dvd in a box in the back of my closet.

Daniel Hernandez

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