This video shows excerpts from the premiere performance of 'Ngai Tahu 32' by Atamira Dance Company, in Auckland, New Zealand, as part of the Tempo Festival 2004. 'Ngai Tahu 32' is choreographed by Louise Potiki Bryant who also designed the video and set, with soundscore by Paddy Free and lighting design by Vanda Karolczak. 'Ngai Tahu 32' was named 'Best contemporary dance production' by the NZ Listener for 2004, and the score by Paddy Free was named 'Best Sound score'.

'Ngai Tahu 32' is a one hour multi-layered performance with a unique integration of contemporary Maori dance choreography, video projection, set design and a powerful sound-score incorporating waiata (traditional song), haka (traditional war dance) and karanga (a woman’s call of welcome).

Carrying the coins for the sale of his land and the wairua of a girl who shines brightly on the horizon, 'Ngai Tahu 32' tells the story of one man’s journey from Te Waiora a Tane (the living waters of Tane) to the next generation. As he travels through a series of tukutuku patterns, sometimes described as “the oceans between the carvings”, he leaves behind him a trail of history, whakapapa, creation and imagination.

Ngai Tahu 32 not only reflects thoughts and experiences of contemporary Maori, but is a universal tale of struggle, loss, and ultimately, redemption.

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