UPDATE: 5/17/10 - From a recommendation I received from this post, I reset the camera's factory defaults and shot more tests. I have to say the grain situation has GREATLY improved. In fact, I borrowed a 7D and can find little difference between the two in terms of video quality. I hope to post those tests soon. Thanks to everyone for their help, I can't wait to see how I can further improve the image with the tips I received from everyone.

ORIGINAL POST: Realizing limitations of size/compression when putting something online, it's really hard to see the grain issue I'm talking about. I've posted this original footage so you can see what it looks like straight out of the camera. AlaskanNomad.com/public/BoatWindowTestVimeoUp.mov.zip If you decide to just watch here, you can somewhat see the issue in full-screen mode.

Canon's announcement of the T2i was exciting. Getting the 7D's HD video for $800 seemed too good to be true. Unfortunately, it may be (cue dramatic music here). I've been having some real problems with grain and my T2i, which is a majorly sucky buzzkill. Anything that has plenty of light looks great. Anything that's very dark looks great. Anything that's in-between is a grainy mess. Here's a test shot: 1080, 24p, ASA100, F16, 1/50, stock lens. With Final Cut Pro I digitally zoomed in on the worst problem area (just under the window) so you can see more easily what I'm talking about.

I recently directed a music video and a good chunk of it was shot with the DP's 7D. We didn't have any of these problems (the video is called "Used", it's uploaded on my channel if you'd like to compare). It's currently playing on MTV networks, which shows me that you can feel secure when shooting with the 7D that you're getting images that are broadcast quality. I think the T2i may look good for the price, but after shooting with it for a while I wouldn't use it for professional applications. I googled around and didn't find anyone else talking about this, which makes me wonder if it's an isolated incident. I'd love to hear whether or not other people are having this problem too.

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