[Update Dec 2012: This tip can still work, but now requires an un-powered USB hub to go between them. Yes, unpowered works, oddly.]

A short demo of using the Alphasmart Neo as keyboard for the iPad.

Or using the iPad as screen for the Neo, if you prefer!

Apple's bluetooth keyboard is also a wonderful and small package, but personally I prefer a bit longer key-stroke like on the Neo.
It seems most USB-keyboards work, except if they draw exceptional power. Similarly, you can plug in a memory card, but not a hard disk. (How you get at the files is another matter, so far only by the "Photos" program.)

I had set the text very large (36 point) so it would be seen on the video. In normal size, a *lot* of text will fit on the screen, of course.
The software is My Writing Nook:

Another reason the Neo is good for this is that it supremely rugged, and despite being a full-sized keyboard is compact and light, perfect for travelling. Together these two machines make a compact and yet very flexible and powerful set for when you're out.

(Note: should be said that at least for now, the iPad's software (especially the lack of real file handling) does not make it a real laptop-replacement. But I think it could be one day.)

[Thanks to Glenn from TidBITS.com for reporting that one should disregard the warning about "not supported" devices.]

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