Bang Bang You!re Dead::document is a collection of recordings, video clips, and photos documenting the short life of Bang Bang You!re Dead. It was created by people like you, with resources like you might have access to, in living rooms and bedrooms like the ones you dwell in. None of it should be considered professional in any way but our hope is that these creative efforts might inspire similar projects from people like you.

Track Listing:

00 - Intro (0:00)
01 - I Don't Like the Music (1:29)
02 - I Can't Breathe (6:04)
03 - Nation of Naysayers (11:14)
04 - The Answers are Lies (15:51)
05 - We Fell from Space (20:42)
06 - Credits (27:27)

Directed by Dustin Wickham
Produced By Christy Baugh & Dustin Wickham
Cameras: Bryan Bostrom, Heath Banbury, Jesse Crowley
Art by Cardon Webb
Equipment: Erik Grim & Bryan Bostrom
Dancers: Kirsten Nielsen & Spencer Noorda

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