On 1 May 2010, people of all ages; genders; ethnicities; nationalities; sexual orientations, identities and expressions; and political and religious affiliations; came together in support for comprehensive immigration reform-- one that guarantees border security, improved enforcement, a revamped (and sensible) system of visas, and a way to deal with the more than 10 million people who are already here in a humane, pragmatic, way that allows them to pay a fine, learn english, pass a criminal background check, and go to the back of the line while ensuring family unification, and their continued contribution to the culture and economy of this country.

Stand up for human rights, and support Comprehensive Immigration Reform.

Shot with a Canon EOS 7D on a Steadicam® Pilot.

Music: "That Home" by Patrick Watson, from Cinematic Orchestra's album "Ma Fleur".

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