Trivia about the film.

The title Higherrorless Is a obscure reference to a song by the doors Stoned Immaculate. High is another word for Stoned and errorless is another word for Immaculate.

The Intro of the movie is a quote by Jim Morrison and Morrison is spelled with a heart in the place of the final O. In Santa Cruz CA. near the boardwalk in a cliff wall someone engraved in huge letters into the side of the cliff Morrison with a heart in the place of the O. It was always been a mystery and an intrigue to me of the story behind this and that is why I included it in my film.

The movie makes seceral references the the band the doors and the lead singer Jim Morrison
before the intro there is two seconds of black with a barely visible flame referencing the doors hit song Light my fire and is used to make the view focus on the middle of the screen.

Two doors close in this movie and neither one closes only once. The bathroom door is seen closing three times and the medicine cabinet door is seen closing twice. This is another obscure reference to the band The Doors

When the medicine cabinet is opened it is full of pill bottles then the screen flashes pink a total of three times referencing to the length of the film. The pills belong to my mother who was diagnosed and treated for breast cancer and is now on constant medication to make sure the cancer does not return and that is why it flashes pink. Pink being the color Ribbon used for breast cancer awareness.

While the machine voice is reading the side effects for diphrenhydramine it says good confusion. It originally said good times and confusion but when I was cutting to make the film exactly three minutes I cut out times and ended up liking the way good confusion sounded as I wanted to views to feel like they were experiencing life the same way as Luke in the film.
During the machine voice over of the Vicodin pills the voice says vicodin is an opiate pain killer but I reverse the word vicodin so it says it backwards and also during the side effects the voice says fun
Pain staking effort was put into cutting the film into exactly three minutes.

The timecode that plays throughout the film is in homage to Jim Morrisons own film project titled HWY: An American Pastoral he made in 1969. The only copy I have ever been able to find was online and has a timecode playing throughout the entire movie.
the new movie titled When youre strange: A film about the doors uses remasted cuts of the film HWY but without the timecode.

The film is exactly three minutes in length down to the second.
All music was created by myself with the exception of the intro music which is a song titled Texas Radio by The Doors.
It is Jim Morrison screaming WAKE UP in the film. From his song celebration of the lizard king the next line in the song reads You can't remember where it was
Had this dream stopped?
followed by Now, run to the mirror in the bathroom Look! Which was inspiration for this film.

The three pills taken by Luke in the bathroom were chooses because all three cause extreme drowsiness.

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