Ten years after Slobodan Milosevic was overthrown and the democracy officially came to Serbia, the society is still in chaos, burdened with corruption, violence towards minorities, workers’ strikes… The movie portrays this transitional chaos from a generational and personal perspective.
Three young people lead their video-diaries. VLADIMIR (26) is an art historian, a dandy who occasionally works in a factory in order to help his single mother and younger brother. MARIJA (20) is a student of Faculty of Dramatic Arts who recently stayed without parents. BRANISLAV (23) – is trying to finish his studies facing the difficulties of life of a guy from Kosovo, living in the Capital. They are the generation who now represents a new class of elite marginals – successful students, future artists and intellectuals, who do not see any place for themselves in a future Serbian society. Accused for lethargy and disinterest in dramatic social and political events, they have built their own personal ghetto worlds, searching for personal happiness despite lack of money, opportunity for employment, or the constant threat of physical violence on the streets. Although apparently disconnected from everyday politics, it turns out that characters’ richness of personal life in hard circumstances becomes struggle for their own piece of normal life; a fight which at the final stake is getting a political character, the spot where personal becomes political, showing us that, after all, there is certainly a glance of hope.

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