"The world is a stage for "reality" theatre, twist this reality a little bit using staged theatre performers and capture it on (candid) camera." It's more easy..- Maurice Spees

A short film made within 48hours following 1 day in the life of a young Thai girl who works in Bangkok to support her family back home. When she loses her job, a breakdown changes her entire perspective....

This was to prove that it's possible to make a film with just a cameraman and one actress.

Runtime: 21 min
Language: Thai
Subtitles: English
Shot in: Bangkok Thailand
Cast: Thiphawan Wannamahin
Directed by: Maurice Spees

entirely shot using candid camera techniques. Just 1 actress, the rest is real!

All people that appear in the film are real people in actual situations. Only leading roll is the only actress in the film....


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