A thesis submitted in partial fulfilment of the requirements for the degree of Bachelor of Science in Multimedia at Dublin City University.

Help Change is a short animation built on the frameworks of stop motion animation. The animation addresses the issues of climate change, anxiety and depression. The message is not a scientificaly proven theory; it is a point of view built on the foundations of a fictional script.

The overall aim of the animation is to make the viewer more aware of these important issues that concern Ireland. Such a public issue, climate change, and a personal one, depression/anxiety, are not usually tackled as one. Climate change is an accepted problem, whereas depression and anxiety have stigma attached to them. By displaying such an ignored issue in Ireland (depression/anxiety) beside the widely accepted issue (climate change), we can suggest how each issue is equally as important as each other.

Help Change shows how the world has gone through many changes since its creation. It illustrates how these changes have affected both the world and its people. It suggests several changes that we can make concerning the planet, its people and ourselves. It intends to cause the viewer to think about these changes, question what the main issues in our lives really are and consider what could become if we all in fact did change.

Our aim was to display this message using creative and engaging animation, a clear and concise narrative and an adherence to high industry standards.

The animation was created using a Canon 5D Mark ii, Dragon Stop Motion, Final Cut Studio, Adobe After Effects CS4, Cinema 4D 11.5 and Pro Tools LE-7.

Concept, Set Design, Script & Animation by:
Eoin Brennan,
Eoin Cody,
Shane Delahunty,
Richard Kiernan.

Motion Graphics Design:
Richard Kiernan,
Shane Delahunty.

Foley Sound:
Eoin Cody,
Eoin Brennan.

Eoin Brennan.

Voice Over:
Robert Carley.

Shane Delahunty, "Help Change Soundtrack."

We are available to work. Contact us via hello[at]folksandfolks.com.


Invited to screen the animation at: Biennial of Animation Bratislava 2010.
Shortlisted for: Darklight Film Festival 2010 - My Environment, My Film.
Two Smedias 2011 Nominations: Animation of the Year & Short Animation of the Year.

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