One day till Christmas:

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Just because it's Christmas - And at Christmas ...

This is a short story of the lonely robot celebrating holidays.

Primavera - Spring (season) in Italian

Set of "Making Of" photos can be found here with the comments:

I took days off from Christmas to New Year and planned to make
a short film in Yosemite, but then I saw this little robot and thought
it would be more interesting to use him in the story. Besides there are
many robots on this planet who always spend holidays alone.
Then I watched the original movie once again with all the comments from
its director Andrew Stanton (for inspiration). I listed a few scenes,
which I wanted to shoot, scribbled some storyboards ( they are really like scribbles
from 3 year old kid, but turned out to be very useful) and started off.

I started filming it right on the day after Christmas by driving to Yosemite,
and then spent many more snowy weekends in Tahoe and Yosemite making
all these shots one by one. Some of the shots involved hiking, skiing and
even snowshoeing. Not that they were required, but just
because I like all of that.

I even flew this little robot to Alaska, not sure if he enjoyed it though:
One morning we stopped to make one shot on the way to Exit Glacier.
It was 7'F outside, that's super cold, so his battery was dying every minute
and I had to carry him to the car to heat him up after each take.

At that moment I thought that it would be much more interesting to shoot
video of me struggling with not-so-cooperative robot, freezing temperatures
and all the things which I have not done before but eager to learn.

Thanks to Gogaren, Uma, Zoran and Zorana for ideas,
feedback and for dropping the robot from the cliff ( with parachute ),
to Adam for the snow.

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