((WARNING Medal of Honor contains vulgarities and blood))
Sergeant Andre Robichaud and his small squad of 6 soldiers are sent to guard a fork in the road in rural Vietnam. They soon find themselves in one of the most intense firefights of their lives!

Medal of Honor is a short school project based on true events but written with fictional characters due to copywrites. We used the project as an excuse to shoot a pilot for a TV series that would inform viewers of the recipiants of the Congressional Medal of Honor. because we had a budget lower than $2,000 and we were limited to my front yard, only so much is historically accurate. sorry reenactors!

Shooting time was about 3 days with one single Sony Z1u with Redrock m2 Nikon setup. Video editing was on FCP and audio was on Vegas 7 with a total of almost 43 lines of audio!!! The soundtrack consists of "Hannibal", "Davinci Code", "Signs", "Transformers", and "Last Samurai". overall production from start to end was about 4 months. This was for Santa Ana Comunity college's TV298 class. This is also my 3rd year in college.

Please rate my video and comment on any suggestions or ideas as to get this TV series off the ground. Contact me (Spencer Okonski) via PM about anything on your minds! hope you enjoy this short and that you have a different respect for our soldiers.

Thank you and God bless!

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