Nothing can stop a man with a bible and a big ass knife!

This is the fourth short film by Russell Holbrook and Wade Matthews.
At this point we were still using Wade's Sony Hi-8 Hanycam that he'd found in his mom's attic. The viewfinder was broken so all we could do was point the camera, press 'record' and hope for the best. We were just starting out so we were overjoyed just to have a means of capturing images and ideas. We were going to wait to make films until we had good equipment but then we figured, screw it, let's just do our best with what we have, and we learned that we had all that we needed!
After we shot the scenes we did an original score and soundtrack on my Tascam 4-track cassette recorder. Again, using what we had at the moment. Three years later we finally got some editing software and a lap=top and did the transfer and some fun color alterations.
Making films is the best and we hope that if someone sees our stuff and likes it that they'll realize that you don't have to have the latest HD whateveryoucallit to make some cool little films. Let's all have fun and learn and practice in whatever medium we have available to us! Cheers to all Uber-indies everywhere!!!! Thanks!!

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