Question 1 (People's Veto):

"Do you want to Reject the new law that lowers Maine's income tax and replaces that revenue by making changes to the sales tax?"

To offset the loss of revenue from the individual income tax: changes, the law (LD 1495) broadens the sales tax: base by adding / increasing sales tax: on the following types of businesses:

1. Auto repair labor

2. Candy tax up 70%

3. Dry cleaning

4. Meal tax up 21%

5. Lodging Tax up 21%

6. Wash, Dry, Fold laundry

7. Car Washing

8. Car Vacuuming

9. Liquor sold at restaurants / bars up 21%

10. Car Rentals up 25%

11. Telecommunications, 5% tax on service

12. Limousine services

13. $1 p.p. for taxi or limo to/from airports

14. Jewelry repair

15. Camera repair

16. Gun repair

17. Musical instruments repair

18. Electronic equipment repair

19. Lawn and garden equipment repair

20. Computer hardware repair

21. Office equipment repair

22. Tailoring

23. Shoe repair

24. Furniture repair

25. Movie tickets

26. Theater tickets

27. Tickets to lectures

28. Concert tickets

29. Festival tickets

30. Amusement park tickets

31. Water park tickets

32. Tickets to fairgrounds (except Ag fairs)

33. Tickets to race tracks

34. Tickets to carnivals

35. Circus Tickets

36. Sports Tickets (except school sports)

37. Museum Tickets (except non-profit operations)

38. Planetarium tickets

39. Animal park tickets

40. Petting zoo tickets

41. Aquarium tickets

42. Tickets to historical sites

43. Tickets to convention centers

44. Miniature golf

45. Billiard parlors

46. Go-cart courses

47. Paintball

48. Golf driving range

49. Tickets to auto shows

50. Tickets to boat shows

51. Tickets to camping shows

52. Tickets to home shows

53. Tickets to flower / garden shows

54. Tickets to animal shows

55. TIckets to antique shows

56. Whitewater rafting (unless on federally navigable waters)

57. Wagon rides

58. Sightseeing bus tours

59. Aircraft sightseeing

60. Helicopter rides

61. Hot air balloon rides

62. Sightseeing boat tours

63. Sightseeing railroad tours

64. Trolley tours

65. Hired bands for events

66. Hired OJ's for events

67. Comedians

68. Hired clowns for kids parties

69. Jugglers

70. Ventriloquists

71. Bar cover charges (if band is playing)

72. Diaper services

73. Embroidery and monogramming

74. Pressure cleaning and washing services

75. Pet exercising

76. Pet sitting

77. Pet training

78. Pet grooming

79. Pet boarding

80. Picture framing

81. House cleaning

82. Furniture cleaning

83. Rug cleaning

84. Interior decoration

85. Meal preparation

86. Butchering

87. Art restoration

88. Rental of storage units

89. Moving

90. Vehicle towing

91. Boat mooring

92. Service provided by Maine Guides

93. Photographers for hire

94. Leasing of office equipment (copier, postage machine, etc)

95. Service contracts

96. Adult entertainment (aka exotic dancers)

97. Home staging for real estate

98. Motor repair on a boat (if not attached to boat)

99. Expanded list of "soft drinks"

100. Courier Services

101. Daily rentals of tuxedos, gowns, ski equip, etc

102. Rental of safe deposit boxes

Tax Reform Summary

After many years and attempts to implement tax reform. the Legislature enacted a major overhaul of the State's tax system that is intended to simplify taxes and reduce the tax burden on Maine residents. The fundamental thrust of the tax reform package is to create a lower flat individual income tax rate and to offset the loss of revenue with an expansion of the sales and service provider taxes with the intent of shifting a higher percentage of taxes to non-residents.

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