Finally, its finished... we have put a lot of effort and time onto making this showreel. its definitely one of the toughest edit to date since we have a high bar to be raised with the success of our previous showcase in 2009. The previous showcase won 2 awards in local (AVPA) and international (WEVA) so we are very much hoping to win more this time if we can.

The biggest challenge in editing this showcase is indeed... choosing the clips.. we have soooo many wonderful clips that we really love from our previous clients. Most of them actually had a special meaning to us and while I was editing the piece, it brought back a lot of memories to me about each of the couples that we have filmed.

4 1/2 minutes is definitely very very short for this showcase. We have tried our best to put in clips from every weddings that we shot, but we do apologize if there's any clip that couldn't make it in because of space issue. We love all of our work, no doubt about that and trust me when I say, its very very hard to make some decisions of which clips go in and out....

So, again, please allow us to give our biggest thank you to all of our clients that have trusted us in capturing their moments. Its a big thing for us and we hope that it goes the same to you all.

Well, we hope that all of you will enjoy this showcase as much as we do and we hope for another great year with a lot of great moments to be put on the next year's showcase :)

Just one last thing, this showcase will not be possible without each of our team members so I guess its the perfect time to acknowledge all of them:

The Paper Cranes team
Susanto Widjaja
Dewi Lie
Ferry Lie
Bernard Lau


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